Why buy property in a
Scottish National Park?

Banks have long been the enemy of the diligent investor and with the announcement of many high street banks soon to be offering negative interest rates the question is where is the safest place for your savings?

With BREXIT looming and a depreciating pound, fewer people are investing in overseas properties.

Many years ago we were always taught to invest our money wisely into property and in the last thirty years or so fortunes have been made. Unfortunately for todays’ investor capital growth has reached a peak in many high demand areas however the Scottish National Park is one of the few areas that is yet to blossom.

Scotland has always been a tourist hot spot, and the National Parks are key tourist destinations where the demand for luxury accommodation is outstripping supply due to the heavily restricted building allowance. This makes property ownership in this area a very lucrative and safe investment.

We are offering a select amount of investors the opportunity of purchasing property in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Free hold property owners in the Scottish national park can enjoy huge benefits.

  • You own the property freehold with title.
  • You can reside in your property.
  • You can rent it with excellent annual returns of around 15%.
  • You can sell it with great potential capital growth.

Buy to let property owners have an option to enter into our rental return programme and receive a rental return of around 5% on your capital outlay.

With this programme there are no annual fees to pay. Utilities, rates, cleaning, booking agency fees and community charges are inclusive.

This programme is designed for the passive investor who would prefer hassle free annual returns and capital security.

You will also be entitled to a select amount of weeks to use your own property or other properties from our portfolio every year without charge (subject to availability).

There really is no better option for your savings!

Scottish Heritage Property in association with our Independent Credit Broker can offer 95% mortgages from as low as 1.9%.


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